What is AGEID?

By keeping in mind our users’ convenience, AGEID is a new service that has been developed to deliver access to all adult content websites that present AGEID as a verification option. Complicated procedures are now eliminated and adult rated content enjoyed on a wider scale.


AGEID is your way to adult content from the comfort of your home. Content is instantly available after a quick & free registration.

Fast access

Just register & get verified on one site and get access to all AGEID websites.

how it works?

1Signup for FREE

Simply sign up with AGEID at no cost to access adult rated content swiftly. An easy procedure allows you to swiftly register for our service.

2Get your account verified

After successful validation you will be able to enjoy your desired content right away on the correlating website of your choice.

3Gain access to all AGEID websites

AGEID is opening doors: All providers that offer AGEID as an option for verification will allow you to have immediate access.


How long does it take to verify?

Once registration is completed, verification is provided within a few moments.

Is there any cost for using AGEID?

Registering for AGEID is fast & free. AGEID benefits are free.